Layla Moran,an OSC Academic Manager andIB数学Physicsteacher,imparts her top five Maths tips to help you get through your exams.

1。Get your calculator sorted

ib有非常严格的关于什么可以,什么不能在你的计算器上的指导方针。If an invigilator clears it during the exam,are you confident you know how to change the settings to what you like quickly??

提示:Practicing this is worth spending 10 minutes of your time doing.Ask your maths teacher to show you if you are unsure.

2.Know your calculator

Speaking of calculators,it is worth ensuring at this stage that you know the most useful functions on it.这样做可以节省你大量的时间,而且为时不晚。I recommend thisbook by OSC for the TI serieswritten specifically 新利全站app下载for students like you by IB teachers.  You can order it onlinehere.

三。Past paper questions

Yes,we know you've heard this before from your teachers,but it is true and it works.

提示:If you have a revision schedule it is worth putting in 30 minutes of Maths every day,理想情况下,作为你的第一个科目(研究表明你早上数学做得更好!)

4。Practice your timing on past papers

The biggest complaint students have about a Mathematics exams is ‘I didn't get a chance to check!' This is a sign that students have not practiced enough WITH timings.你应该在一分钟内瞄准一个目标,不要再瞄准了。所以一个5分的问题需要–?You got it,5分钟,max!If you are taking longer,你需要继续前进。You can always come back because your subconscious usually keeps working on the problem.By the time you come back you may have that ‘Eureka!' moment.


记住,所有的分数都是一样的,不管它们在纸上的哪个页面上。It is a good idea to do some easy questions first to help your confidence.Once you feel settled,快速浏览并完成一个你认为很难完成的。保持你的时间(见上文第4点)。在纸上来回跳来跳去,从容易到困难,然后再来回跳来跳去,这意味着你可以在刚开始的时候做一些有挑战性的问题,并且做一些容易的问题来提高你的自尊心。Just make sure you put something down for all of them.

提示:Some students put a big tick through the question number when it is finished and another line making it a cross when they have checked it to keep track.

Good luck!!

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