OSC has been helping IB students achieve their very best for nearly 30 years.Our experienced teachers,most of whom are also IB examiners,help you bring a whole subject together in a short,intensive programme,cutting through the areas you find most difficult and providing guidance on how to tackle the exam.

An OSC revision course complements the hard work that you and your teachers have put in over the last two years.With different ways of explaining the material and knowing what students often find most difficult,our teachers have the expertise as well as tried and tested revision materials to help you reach your potential.

Even though you have been through the syllabus at school,teachers will tell you that a fresh voice can bring new clarity to topics and make connections that you didn't ‘get' previously.You will also work with new classmates,in a new environment,which will boost your energy and motivation just when you need it.

Whether you are wanting to pull up a weaker subject or aiming to ace the exam to secure your chosen university place,your OSC revision course will help you be better prepared.On top of that,building your confidence can reduce anxiety at what most students find is a very stressful time!

Why OSC?

  • Experienced,specialist IB teachers
  • Most are IB examiners
  • Small classes of no more than 10 students
  • Teachers focus on students' specific needs
  • Set and reviewed homework

Choose your location

We have a growing range of locations so you can find a convenient OSC Revision Course near you.At most venues we offer 14 hours of teaching per subject over 2 days,and each student can take either two or three subjects,最受欢迎的组合与照顾。

Our flagship Oxford residential courses offer students not only 17.5 hours of teaching per subject over 2.5 days,but also the widest choice of subjects and the opportunity to take up to five courses.The most popular classes are streamed to put students of similar ability together for the best learning experience.

Still in your first year of IB?You can join other students from around the world on one of oursummer Mid IB programmesinCambridge,UK,orBoston,USA,and combine IB subject review classes with fun activities at our top university locations.