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Understanding equilibrium – the advanced stuff!


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How should I choose my artworks for my Comparative Study?

我应该如何选择在IB视觉艺术我对我比较研究的作品?- 这是一个问题,你问你的老师,你的朋友和/或你的父母?这是重要的,你做出正确的选择,特别是如果你是更高级别的学生与标准(以自己的艺术创作的连接)的F影响。了解更多

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Still-Life and Artistic Collaboration


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Stuck at home because your school has closed?


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Getting ready for the IA Chemistry


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Forms of reflection – for all assessment tasks

这个博客将解决你自己的工作的一些方法可以反映,也可以如何使用相同的想法,以帮助你的导师对你的工作体现。的一些想法你也可以使用哟ur audiences, to help them reflect on what you have shown, to gauge how close you are to achieving your intentions and impact.了解更多

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The Comparative Study – answers to questions

I have received some Comparative Study questions from teachers who participated in a previous category 1 IB Visual Arts workshop and am sharing my responses now with others through this blog.In some cases, I have also referred to things written by the online facilitators from My IB.了解更多

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The Collaborative Project – the processes involved

In IB Theatre, the Collaborative Project is the only task that you do in the course where you are working with others over a period of time to create a piece of original theatre.了解更多

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Understanding equilibrium – the basics

IB Chemistry - Understanding equilibrium, the basics.A good example of a reversible reaction is that of blue hydrated copper sulfate that can be heated to form white anhydrous copper sulfate.The heating process drives off the water.This reaction can easily be reversed by adding water to the white anhydrous copper sulfate.了解更多

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Are you IA ready?

The Chemistry internal assessment (or IA) is worth 20% of your final grade.It is assessed by your teacher and then your teachers marking is looked at by a moderator.The aim of this blog post is to introduce you to the IA criteria and to give you some tips and suggestions as to how you can achieve your best possible grade.了解更多

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Chemistry Nobel Prize – This Year’s Winners are…

。。。John Goodenough, Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino for their work on something you probably take for granted and use every day of your life - the Lithium-ion battery了解更多

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Process portfolio – Questions and Answers

A while ago I had a Visual Arts Process Portfolio question and answer session with my students and thought I’d share questions and answers.了解更多

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Evaluating your IA programme

The ‘new’ IB chemistry course is now in its fifth year.With this in mind, when was the last time you evaluated your IA programme?Is it time for a rethink?Have you settled into a routine that is more of a compromise as opposed to a system them works for you and your students?了解更多

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Depressurising in March (and the end is nigh)

If you are a second year DP Visual Arts student in a northern hemisphere school, you may be feeling pressure to complete work in the different course components, because the time for end-of-course uploads is approaching.I’m not going to go through IB final upload deadlines, because your teacher is likely to have set school/art internal deadlines for you.But there are some things that might get overlooked or side-tracked in the next month or so, so here are six things to remember.了解更多

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错误信息和虚假信息:英足总ke news is meaningless

The ability for our students to determine who and what to trust is critical literacy in a nutshell.Our focus on how to analyse texts has not changed.What has changed is the media landscape in our ‘post truth’ or ‘post fact’ world.了解更多

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The benefits of keeping a journal – advice for Language and Literature students

Keep a journal as you read and watch each text, focus on the four suggested fields of inquiry.This will set up your thinking for perceptive understanding in each of your assessments.了解更多

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Mass extinction of insects

Up to 50% of all insects may have been lost since 1970 as a result of habitat removal, the increased use of pesticides, invasive species, climate change and light pollution.了解更多

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The Indian dipole

One example of consequences of climate change is the rise in temperatures in the Indian Ocean which may be linked to the bush-fires in Australia and flooding in parts of Africa.了解更多

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She lit up the stage

This blog will look at what challenges we had in terms of lighting, what we wanted to achieve and how we achieved the desired effects.了解更多

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ITGS – Digital Society Update

The DP course title Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) will change to Digital Society in 2022.了解更多